May 3, 2010

Out and about with my girls

It might be rainy and a bit chilly but in the meantime I am planning my tour with the girls when the weather gets better. So, where to go? First stop is by the lake where Jet d'eau can be found. I also like to go to Bains des Paquis. The girls can play in the water, we can have a picnic but lunch is affordable there, this I have just discovered not so long ago. Yes, I know, it took me a looong while to get to know this coz I don't eat out a lot.
From there we can just walk going to the English garden and have some ice cream and watch the boats. Karen loves boat and we used to take her for a ride. It's easy to do that if hubby is with us but with two children in the pushchair, I think boat ride can wait. Further up is the Rose Garden, I'm sure Karen will love running around Parc de la Grange. I was also told about Yvoire. Why do I get the feeling that I am the only one who hasn't been there?
Anyway, for this week there's a lot of going ons here in Geneva and the surrounding areas. You might want to take your mothers for a walk in one of these places. Remember that Mother's Day is on the 9th of this month.;-)

Carouge-- 12e grande Braderie carougeoise
May 8-9,2010
sat-8h-18h, sun 8h-17h
rue de Carouge

Coppet-- Jardins en fête
May 7-9,2010
Thème 2010: L’art des jardins japonais
Parc du château
Tél: 022 776 59 25

Morges--Fête de la Tulipe
Parc de l’Indépendance
Tél: 021 801 32 33

More listings of vide grenier to come...
If you have any suggestions for places to visit that are child friendly please don't hesitate. Thanks to Irene.


imelda said...

yes and happy mother's day in advance to you said...

advance happy mothers day!

McVal said...

Happy Mother's Day this weekend! Hopefully I'll get breakfast in bed and the kids can help me eat it.

Emily said...

Sounds like an incredible day!

(And I totally agree with you about the boat rides. It's so much fun to take the kids around that way, but when you have two kids and a pushchair you definitely need a second adult around to help!)

teddytrump said...

Ah, I can't wait for my baby born :)
it looks so fun to have a kid
Happy mother's day :)