May 21, 2010

Retiring with Papa Piolo?

I like reading the Money section in  the business page of but lately I was having a hard time concentrating because of this guy.


Just look at him...Tell me how can I concentrate when he  is staring back at me. ;-) All I want to do is read something about personal finance but he was there all the time--in the side bar with the caption -"Piolo to retire?"
Moi? I want to retire, maybe with him but first let me read the money section in peace, without his tantalizing eyes, nor that question--because I might, just might click that Century Park ad and find out that he is  moving  with Ruffa Gutierrez in the same building but not in the same unit-ugh!

I guess there's no other solution but to ignore his presence or maybe skip the business page altogether until the time he decided to move to an island....with me!!
Oops, it seems that someone is spending too much time in the business page!!


kat said...

hahahahaha...thanks for the good laugh distruct ka pala ng mga mata ni Piolo hahaha.

pipay said...

WoW!! Piolo..

salvy said...

came to visit with smiles.

Dhemz said...


Anonymous said...

teh...bading yan...wag mo na pagnasaan...nakakalimot yan na bitbitin ang bikini nya hahahahahahaha