May 6, 2010

Thursday with Nanay

Cooking Rule... If at first you don't succeed, order pizza.

corn soup and garlic bread

It must be the wind--we went out for a while and had to go back coz it was windy and Erin didn't have her bonnet--coz she ate half  bowl of her corn soup. Of course, with loads of coaxing from Nanay.

Maybe I'm getting there...maybe my persistence is beginning to pay off...oh, what the heck! maybe she's just hungry. Well, at least for now I don't need to order pizza.


Willa said...

I think i will just order a pizza! lol!

Anonymous said...

just be patient your getting there!!!

Dhemz said... funny....looks yummy though...Akesha would prefer eating that soup with!

no pizza yet.....:)

kim said...

hmmm... looks yummy!

kat said... funny..ang cute ng baby mo

dHomemaker said...

your little girl is big na! =)

Cecile said...

i agree, just order a pizza :-), but that soup looks yummy!