May 20, 2010

Thursday with Nanay

"Life is a combination of magic and pasta."
Federico Fellini

Yeah, right! and I thought I was a magician.:-) Anyway, we started with so much hope here. She just had a slice of toast for breakfast and I know she would be really hungry. So I was thinking that pasta would give me some points. Actually she asked for some catsup. Did she notice that red was missing from the palette of pasta color? But I think the biggest no,no here was the soybean sprouts--what? Forgive me, but I need to cook them as they are nearing their end besides I really love them. Maybe my hubby won't put soybean sprouts in his pasta but remember that Thursday with Nanay is all about eating what's in the fridge.

Fusilli with tuna and veggies

Anyway(again), she didn't like the sprouts but did manage to eat the pasta. Well, I think I really need more than magic here.


Anne said...

All you can do is present the sprouts and hope she eats them. Hopefully she ate some of the veggies with the pasta.

Dhemz said...

hahhaha....look at her cute! not sure if she likes it....just kidding!