Jun 17, 2010

Goal and misses

flagBy now everyone knew that the Swiss team has beaten the Spain. I was told a trivia by my hubby whom I found teary eyed while watching the replay of the goal made by Gelson FERNANDES. Apparently, since the beginning of football it was the very first time that Spain was beaten by the Swiss and so it's really special for him. So we had Dole Blanche to celebrate this historical event. Honestly, I am not really into it but seeing how excited my husband was made me an occasional football fan. The girls also joined in their father's joy.
  • I have resumed studying my lessons.
  • that would mean that my priorities has been set.

and now my "misses".

  • A week of no blog post for me.This is because I have been trying to finish some lessons and well, there were times that I had difficulty in putting my ideas together.
  • Karen
    For the very first time my eldest made a scene when we were about to go home from "Cerf Volant"-this is a place where in parents can bring their little ones to play and interact with other children.
  • Erin(my youngest)
    hit her head - the pic. above showed the bump.She is exploring her surrounding and trying a lot of things...kinda worried now!
  • rheumatism or just getting old?
    I'm still having pain in my legs...grrr!


imelda said...

hahaha i have rheumatism too i guess in my right leg. too soon yet right? i guess urs is just muscle pain.

anney said...

Congrats to the Swiss team! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Have a great week!