Jun 25, 2010

Life in my dreamland

When I look at them I could not imagine  my life any other way. I have waited a long time to be who I am now and still there are times when I ask if this isn't a dream.
A long time ago my brother joked that he would raffle me off. I was the eldest and everyone was eager for me to get married and have kids, esp. my dear loving parents. They had me before both of them turned 20 and were really scared that I would be left behind and be taken care of by my nephews and nieces. I was also scared. Honestly. My dream of becoming a mother before 35 seemed to be fading away. What's wrong with me? Why? When? and How? So many questions...and I thought I would die single and heartbroken.
Fast forward...and here I am now with two beautiful girls and my one-heck of a husband.;-)  I sometimes have to stop and look around. Just to remind myself that I am now living my dream. Granted that it's a challenging role but I don't think I would choose another kind of life.


Dhemz said...

awwwwwww....love the pic....:) you are lucky indeed!

dapat ate pala tawag ko sau...ehheheh!

Anne said...

Great photos.