Jun 1, 2010

A new beginning

Another month has ended and as June starts I check if my goal has been met. This is also the time for me to set again my priority. List more objectives or let go of some. The latter would me classified as less important.

As our first year here in our new house approaches, boxes of things to be sort out before the move need to be finished. I don't want to celebrate with them. I want them be thrown away or recycled and this is what I have been doing. 15 minutes at a time...This I have learned from http://www.flylady.net and thanks to http://apartmenthomesteader.blogspot.com. Her blog leads me to FlyLady.

As my priority changes, I am letting go of Entrecard. I will no longer take ads but I am still keeping it until the end of the month for the few ads remaining. I'm thankful that thru it, I have discovered wonderful blogs to read which also led for others to check my site. But when I was too busy to visit those who have dropped EC here I don't feel good when I can't return the favor. Anyway, thanks so much to Entrecard and to all droppers.

As a SAHM I don't want to limit myself, I want to learn more and that is why I am putting my distance learning a priority. My children are growing up and in time I know that my status would soon change.
There are so many things to be done...I don't want to get so overwhelmed by them besides I'm taking my girls out for a walk.

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