Jul 2, 2010

Vacation mode!!

I don't want to complain about how terribly hot it is (oops, I guess, I just did!) because I have waited so long for this.

Now I can truly say that it's summer. Anyway, school vacation for my husband started this week and today was the very first time for me and the girls to go to Piscine de Marignac near our home. Hubby grew up in the area so he was happy to show us around.

Karen truly enjoyed her day. She was intrigued by the tube slide but preferred to play on the snail.Yes, she has a thing about snails, seeing them quite often the past few weeks.

We had a hard time convincing her that it was time go,but she eventually gave in, of course with a promise that we are going back to the pool tomorrow!!:-)


Dhemz said...

aww.....ang saya-saya! great place to beat the summer heat!

Peter said...

Hi! You may be as hot as hades there but it's freezing here. The chill cuts to the bone.

No school holidays for us thankfully, as all our kids are fully grown up! Well, we like to think so. All the best with yours.

Take Care,

Khim said...

dire sad init pero dili msn kaayo...just love summer..oj enjoy kay hapit na sad autumn...

ayo ayo
Greetings from Sweden...