Aug 19, 2010

Sunny with some showers and it's my birthday!!

Birthday Cake Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm 40. How should one feel about it?  I am actually staring at my cake right at this moment and feeling ????
Just recently, I was dreading the day coz when I was 20 I thought that 40 was really old. So here I am now--40 years old.  Feeling nostalgic and at the same time still excited of what the future holds.My future!! I've got so many projects, plans and goals. All I have to do is start to make things happen. But the last 3 years has been a wonderful year for me. I,first, married a Swiss guy. Then, two girls followed suit.

I'm still at home looking after them and though it takes a lot of patience to raise a family the best part is hearing them say Nanay.
This life at 40 is just getting better!!

I haven't done any good post lately and was really avoiding to look at this blog. I' m still thankful that there are few visitors but I guess my goal to have it monitized won't materialize unless I do something drastic and put my heart into this.

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