Oct 18, 2010

Destination - - Paris, France

For the very first time, I have visited Paris with my lovely Triad and cousins. We left at 7am and after 3 hours of train ride we arrived at the Paris-Gare de Lyon!

It was perhaps because of our excitedness or our sense of orientation was really and truly bungled or the mere fact that metro signs were like chinese to us--we got lost in the metro for over two hours--yes, I repeat--two- %&£#@!! hours!!You might be wondering how on earth could this happen to minded ladies like us. Well, I also wonder!

But at least we were able to go to Trocadero, had our pictures snapped in front of Eiffel Tower, visit a bit of Champs Elysée and walk along Boulevard de Clichy up to the hotel (the traffic was terrible!)

It seemed like watching a film in the fast-forward mode. I still haven't had the time to take it all in that I found myself queueing up to get our train back home! This time we were two hours early--worried that we might miss our metro stop again.

Well, I feel like an experienced metro rider now. So the next time I visit Paris, I would never,ever get lost...never! Anyone wants to tag along with me? But bring a navigator, please...just in case!!

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katy said...

its really a dream to be in Paris, wow you have made a travel there.congrats