Oct 20, 2010

Stage Mommy?

What do you do when people start saying that your daughter can't do that yet or that she isn't courageuse to this or that? Annoying isn't it, especially when it came from those close to you or those in the daycare center.

I was really eager to take K. to the latter so she can meet other children her age. It was also a start for her to learn new things. But I am starting to ask if it was really a good idea to put her in this daycare center. I should have trusted my feelings.

My conversation over the phone with the head of the center was okay. This was the second center I have visited. The children are not that a lot during the mornings and there were 3 adults who supervise them. The first center we have visited where someone I knew works wasn't able to accomodate K.at once but she was put in the waiting list. She liked it there!

As I want her to meet other children, K. started going to the daycare center 2 and during her first day, the daycare center 1 called me up. They had a place for K. What to do? K. has just started and though I was not that at ease I have told myself that it was for K. not for me, right?

Now that she has been going there for almost two months she seemed okay, except for the times when she wanted me to stay with her or she refused to go to "school". The fact that when she wanted to have a puzzle, the responsible of the center or one of her aides would say:"that's too complicated for her!!", didn't help at all. The last time I was told the same thing, I have responded that my daughter is already doing 20 pcs of puzzles. She was actually good with them.

I know I cannot shield my daughter with nasty people but I hope to raise her well, encourage her to try new things and not say that it would be complicated for her...


Claudia said...

Interesting articles.
Greetings from Romania

Bright Bundles said...

Hi, I might become a stage mother to my little daughter too :)
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Cla said...

super cutie :)