Nov 28, 2010

Sunday and rainbow

It is snowing for two days now. The girls are loving every moment spent outside. They shriek with delight. I, on the other hand, dread to venture out into the cold.

Having grown up practically under the sun. My body refuses to get used to the winter weather and would prefer to stay at home where it's cozy. But I love snow, that's the weird thing. Seeing the whiteness of my surrounding is a marvelous feeling. It's peaceful.Calm.

Anyway, because it's Sunday, I am sharing all these wonderful colors.Looking at them brings solace from the freezing cold temperature outside.


The Kano said...

Well, Mayet, since moving to the Philippines I sure haven't seen any snow like I had back in the States. It is beautiful to see, but I did not like driving on it. Great photos!

Reenie said...

I am the same- hate Winter :)

I live in Australia, it is now Summer for me... I'm so glad!

Cheers Mayet! Have fun this weekend!

Anne Dumala said... you...

Pinx said...

lovely colors! there's abundance in your place.

annalyn said...

love to have that fireplace especially that I am so cold right now due to snowy weather.

love the last photo :)


is it papaya on the 5th photo? wow huuuuuuuuuuge!! <3 i find it cute!

Rachel said...

Those are beautiful! My girlfriend from college is in Germany to study, and she's experiencing the first winter in her entire life! Nababaliw na daw sya sa lamig! :D

mikki roo said...

I live in Canada and I hate winter as well... which is too bad cuz we are in the thick of it and will have another 4-5 months of it!!! Your pics are beautiful and cheerful!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

A.M.I.N.A said...

Hi Mayet!Lovely and colourful photos!First time to be here.I'm ur follower now.

Jona said...

that's a very BIG papaya there. first time i've seen one haha :D very colorful world thanks for sharing!
thanks for the visit and comment!

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☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

here too its getting colder especially at night. i need to look for winter hat. grrr hate cold

Mom Daughter Style said...

We don't have to worry about snow in the tropics. These are great pictures you posted.

I love your blog. I just followed your site. I hope you can visit my site too

Anne said...

I can't stand snow. We have been lucky so far. We got a few flurries last Thursday but otherwise, it has held off.

Ria said...

The lovely contrast of vibrant colors against a backdrop of whiteness is really intriguing. I'm sure it's beautiful out there in the snow.

Living here in Dubai, I dream of winter escape and a little snow every now and then. I can use some of those snow around here ;) Ship them anytime ;)

Warm Hugs,
Ria C

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