Nov 10, 2010

Good evening! I am Karen's mom.

Last night was a very special one for me because for the very first time I have attended a Parents' meeting in Karen's garderie. It's strange to be there. This might not be everyone's opinion when they've just attended this kind of thing but being at this stage of my life is quite exciting and at the same time there's this realization that my little girl is really and truly growing up fast. My being a mother to her is taking another route.

While walking on my way to the meeting my thought wandered to my aunt who earnestly attended every single PTA meeting of her children and in one of those graduation ceremonies she was given the biggest trophy I have ever seen. It was a recognition of her unwavering presence to each and every PTA meetings. It would mean that she did take into heart her role as a mother who guided her children in their schooling. Nope, I am not aiming for any award. I think I could not replicate what she has done but the thought of her remind me that I should not make any excuse of not doing it again in the near future. Time and distance shouldn't be a problem coz she used to walked for an hour or so to get herself to those meetings. Yes, she is an inspiration!

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