Nov 22, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall?

There is something about yardsale which makes me giddy. Aside from finding a real bargain, just being there and looking at things relaxes me in a very odd way. Frankly speaking I would prefer to make the rounds in yardsale than go shopping. Hmmm...very odd indeed!

In the last yardsale of the season I had my eye on this mirror. Yes, it was a mirror. Until it fell and broke into two pieces. Just now(sat. afternoon)It's really so upsetting because after weeks of waiting for my hubby to drill a hole in the wall, he finally did it!

To make the story short, I have tried to tie a string on the mirror and eventually hang it for my height but then...boom!

Just some words of advice:

  • never ever talk to someone on the phone while your husband is mounting your precious mirror on the wall.
  • be alert on what the guy's doing.
  • if it's just a "forehead higher" leave the mirror alone!
  • sulking will not bring back your 12sf so smile and remember that another yardsale is coming soon!


Emily said...

Oh no! It's such a beautiful frame, too! Can the mirror part be replaced?

Anonymous said...

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Jenna said...

it might be worth it to just pay triple the amount for a custom made mirror as the frame is beautiful. think about it. jen

Anonymous said...

I also love yard sales. You can find the most interesting things there.

Michael said...

hey Mayet! nothing is irreplaceable... go to the hardware and replace the broken mirror... next time get a handyman to hang that mirror... don't trust your husband... LOL!

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Take care!

gingerSnap said...

Nice, indeed mirror, mirror... Gusto kong manalamin :)kaya lang nabasag na. Weakness ko yan talaga. Kulang na lang mabasag sa akin hihi. Mommy Mayet natuwa ako sayo.Thanks many!

tim said...

whoa, i was just wondering what is do mean by 12sf?

LOL... Dropping by..

Ria said...

Well, try using it as a picture frame. That way, it will still serve its purpose. :)

And yeah, you're right, "if it's just a forehead high, let it be ;)"

Enjoy the next yardsale.

Ria C

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