Nov 4, 2010

Our little Pinay

My husband would have preferred that I talk to Karen in english but I've insisted with Tagalog, believing that it is very important for her to learn my native language and for her to be able to converse with our relatives back home and not feel left out. So from her birth up to now we are conversing in Tagalog. Her father on the other hand, talks to her in french and she is actually progressing really well, thanks also to her twice a week sched. at the day care center. I expose her to english language thru songs, dvds and books. Karen has recently discovered Dora the explorer and has forgotten Nemo altogether.

The only thing which bothered me at the beginning was her slow progress in talking. Some said that it was probably because of hearing three languages but reading the testimonies at made me realized that I am on the right path.

At times I found myself answering her in french, then I remind myself to switch back in Tagalog. She is actually mixing the two languages. On the other hand, I know that she understand english well coz when she was asked something she would then respond to the question. Maybe not in complete sentence but she grasped the idea.

My husband and I are talking in french but I was thinking of switching to english to add another manner of exposing our daughters to the language. It would also be a good thing for me coz I haven't spoken to him in english for a very long time.

Well, goodluck to us!

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