Nov 15, 2010

Positivity, girl, positivity!

Maybe my sister is right, maybe it runs in the family--the seasonal affective disorder ;=). I have been feeling a bit down for about a week now. Missing my family back home, my friends, our Isla Berde, and of course the sun.

It's November and rainy. The yellow-oranges leaves have turned into mushy brown now which Karen still loves to pick up and offer me. Sweet little thing! So now, I turn to coffee just to alleviate this low morale I have been feeling. It transport me back to our neighborhood-the familiar sound and color, my family and relatives, the warmth of the sun, the barking of the dogs, even the voice of boy who is selling the pandesal. A bitter-sweet feeling.

With the girls and the chores at hand, I don't think giving in would be the best solution. So with a mug of coffee and Erin's urgently calling me (Nana!Nana!) I smile and said to myself: "It maybe raining outside, but keep the sun shining in you.Go,go, girl! !"

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Anonymous said...

Just remember sister the wonderful times we had together.. Miss din.. We love you so much