Nov 3, 2010


Blank page stares back at me. It's almost daylight but nothing has been typed. I'm frustrated that I haven't came out with anything new to say. Nothing exciting to share. But would people be really interested about my life, my unkept garden, the cellar that I'm trying to re-arrange, or even the tidbits that I have done with my girls' room?

I'm not sure that I'm doing okey. I want to be able to write well again, to share with all my heart what I am doing without qualms. But it's not happening now. I feel so overwhelmed with so many things. Studies, being a better mother, a smiling Mayet , keeping the home in order,etc... It seems like my day is filled with "to do list" that I cannot accomplish.

But for now duty is calling. The girls are awake and the toilet needs cleaning.

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