Nov 19, 2010


It wasn't a good idea. Taking the whole family out to buy a pair of boots for Karen. But hey, it's Friday and hubby's day off. The thought of spending time together looked promising or so I thought. After almost half hour of boots hunting there was still no chance of finding one. Hubby was so impatient to get home(who couldn't blame him?), Erin was howling to get out of the pram and Karen? where was Karen? She was at the toy section--looking amazed with all the Hello Kitty! stuff.

It was not an easy situation to handle . Aside from threatening her that she won't be able to watch Dora, then reprimanding her about her attitude then walking out of the store to get that fresh air because it eventually became so unbearable to stay inside--there was nothing much to do. So then I found myself in one of those comfy chairs giving myself a break, inviting happy thoughts. I looked back at those moments when Karen was still a tiny tot and didn't mind staying in her pram. I missed those days! Then I remembered the one thought I want to have when things like this happen. The one when I see my girls playing together,giggling at some silly stuff. It somehow softened the negative feeling I had.

Then I heard them coming. Oh, well, on with the boots hunting...

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