Jan 7, 2011


Pandesal(Filipino bread) and tasty(white bread loaf) are my favorites back home so it was a big change eating baguette when I first arrived here--crunchy crust and soft inside. Seeing them displayed in a boulangerie(bakery) brought in image of Parisien clutching this bread.

This is what we eat with the cheese fondue and it's interesting to note that recently bakers have special baguette for fondue.

In this particular fondue, my hubby put dried mushrooms he had found last summer but my eldest prefers the simple cheese fondue. Though I have also tried fondue with tomatoes, the one with mushroom is the one I like.

It's best with white wine or hot mint tea. Much as I adore white wine I prefer to drink hot tea instead coz wine is usually added to the cheese during the preparation. Although the alcohol evaporates while cooking I still get tipsy.

So there you go, one of my favorite local dishes.

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inday_adin said...

Oh boy! Fondue just sounds really good. :) Visiting you here!

Adin B

thomas said...

The cheese fondue looks tasty.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Oh WOW! That looks heavenly!

I don't have a fondue pot, but I think my mom still has her original 1970's version in burnt orange.

Kim, USA said...

Fondue with baguette...I never say no to those hehe ^_^

halojin said...

Good m0rning ate mayet! Nakakagutom naman yung tinapay na un at sinasawsaw dun..hehe pero tama k po masarap ipartner ün sa masarap na inumin.

EMOTERA said...

Pandesal and Loaf bread are still the best. :) But getting used (to eat) Fondue is good and looks yummy. :)

Peter said...

Hi! What's old is new again in so many cases these days, including fashion. I wish I hadn't thrown out the clothes I wore as a teenager! Now, not only does fondue taste great but it makes you feel young again!

Take Care,

jenie=) said...

yummmmm looks really tempting. its ssssso nice to be back here. wishing for your visit in my sites and for your comments too.
life round meNyou

annalyn said...

Fondue! haven't tried that yet, looks good :)

They rather eat hamburger and fries here lol!

between 7 and 9 said...

It really looks like fun and I was trying to see you tipsy and it made me laugh :))

nuts said...

oh wow, very new to me, looks really good and I love it especially mushroom and cheese..

anney said...

awwww yummy! I also love chocolate fondue!

eden said...

I love fondue with mushroom. Yummy..

alf said...

i do clam chowder soup with baguette. wish i know how to make fondue. and, still love pandesal.....

Ria said...

Oh, I would love to have some please ;) That cheese (and I am biased here bec I love cheese...) fondue looks so sumptuous :) Yum!

Ria C

It's My Party
Handmade with LOVE
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Reese Milania said...

I've never had fondue lol... I guess me and my hubby needs to try that soon. I'm sure I will get addicted to it and that's not gonna be good as we have to travel to another state just to have that.

Dredd said...

I love bleu cheese and will probably buy a cheese fondue for our lazy weekends and mushroom with cheese sounds yummy. I tried it once in an Italian restaurant in SG and I must admit that it was good.

mona said...

looks delicious ang sarap talagang kumain heheh lalo na my drinks pa