Apr 17, 2011

To inspire others!

There are people who inspire others. Some have done well in business, surmounted difficulties in life, given a new lease on love or just merely being themselves--- a gift to others. They are the ones I'm looking for and will soon be featured here--the truly amazing people who on their own way was has made an impact to others without even knowing it.

But I guess everyone of us could be an inspiration to others be it the way we treat our fellow human being,the manner we silently handle adversities and courageously standing up once again after a hard knock from this so called life.

The inspiration will soon begin.

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Hazel said...

awww great post :)

Anonymous said...

cant wait to read their interesting stories..:)

scarlet's walk said...

true! we don't have to be famous to inspire others.. nice post!

Mama Mia said...

That's a great project, Mayet! Looking forward to what you have in store for us. :)

Dhemz said...

very inspirational...thanks for sharing!

Rechie said...

i agree...just recently i inspire someone to start her own blog...it is a nice feeling..anyway, thnks for the visit..i am ur new blog follor

Rechie of Online Abode and Chiz Dogz

Dmarie said...

what a great quest. hopped over here from Real Life Living and it looks like I'm going to have to come back! thanks and look forward to seeing more of your blog.

between 7 and 9 said...

So true. :)

texaswithlove1982 said...

dropping by too Mayet!