Mar 21, 2012

Weekend getaway

Penny Lane...Cavern Club...strawberry fields...cheddar cheese. Beatles' Liverpool was our latest destination. A lovely city. Wonderful people but the biggest feat of all was understanding them. Much as I love english accents, there were quite a few occasions which left me open-mouthed with awe and uttermost doubt of my capacity to grasp the language. Hmmm...It felt terrible.
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I would love to stay longer and immerse myself into their culture, jog around Albert Dock, cry my b__t off in the Slavery museum and Titanic(very interesting exhibits here),drink more shandy, watch passers-by who are Adelle look-a-like and most importantly figure out what the girl had said on how to find the Cavern club.
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But just like Peter Bishop (hey, I'm a FRINGE fan)I needed to go back to my time line. Be with my girls...finish my lessons and long-overdue homework, my never-ending household chores and yes to my REALITY,luv.

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