Apr 28, 2012

Magic sing...vermicelli salad and the sofa

It was a lovely night, we were all in the parasoled terrace and enjoying a warm evening. We dubbbed it the seafood night--we feasted on crab/fish/veggies with coconut milk, caldereta de cordero, vermicelli salad and of course pancit.

Get together like this wouldn't be complete without that famed Magic Sing-we joked that our friend's needed to be upgraded. We sung our heart out, never mind the neighbours' ears and love for music, we were enjoying ourselves and it was while someone is singing:

♪ Touch by touch, your my all time lover
Skin to skin, come ♪ undone my cover
Do it, we'll still do it night and day♪
♪You're my all time lover
Do it, we'll still do it anyway♪
♪Like there is no ...

...then I fell asleep. I can hear them singing but it was all like a distant past. It felt like being swayed slowly and steady...slowly...ssszzzzzz. Then I woke up to clapping and some one saying "needs more effort" and a lot of laughing.

They all teased me. That was embarassing I know, but there are times when one needs to doze off a bit. To enjoy the Joy's Touch by touch and the softness of the sofa in someone elses's home.

Don't you think so?

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Hazel said...

love the photo above :)

joy said...

That's what are our friends for:)Having a grand time together:)

Jen said...

That was really cool! Hello there! Thank you for the visit.