Apr 12, 2012

Camping...Cinque Terre and lost photographs

Summer 2011

They've been singing Ciapa la Galeina for the nth time now, but the children loved it and though could not understand the song, the beat alone could make them dance and ran around the square. We were in what they called "baby dance". The night for campers young and old alike to enjoy the staff's presentation, have some ice cream and enjoy the cool breeze.

After more than a week we moved up to La Spezia to visit Cinque Terre, then Milan and home to Geneva.

souvenir from Cinque Terre

It was quite an adventure in the Italian train. Having two girls, a pushchair and bags. Whew!! and those italian hand gestures!!They were not happy about Erin's smelling diaper ;) and I had to change her in front of 6 people. A couple were nice enough to let me change Erin, even giving me some space. The other four either turned their heads and ignore us or act as if they own the train with the smirk on their face. Our trip for that summer 2011 was so special that I looked forward to seeing our photos. The beach, Cinque Terre, Duomo di Milano. It was only after taking my laptop back after repair that I have realized that the pictures weren't saved. It took me awhile to forgive myself(honestly!) and promised that this will never happen again. Heaven forbid!

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