Apr 16, 2012

Sun-Maid raisin and childhood

The moment I saw the red box and that girl in the red hat, I know I have to get one. Just looking at it brings back the memories of fiesta in my hometown. The sun, arroz valenciana, family, and of course fruit salad. In my young mind fruit salad with Sun-Maind raisins was just heavenly and special.

The old folks would not let us taste the raisins straight out from the box--I drooled over that tiny little thing. We should wait at the end of the meal to have them. But there was never enough. The fruit salad was always the first one to go and I had to content myself for the smallest portion. Besides the guests haven't had theirs.

These days, I know we can buy raisins in retail or in pack but nothing beats Sun-Maid raisins for me. That red box is synonymous to simple happiness in a child mind.


between 7 and 9 said...

Haha you brought back such great memories for me! A little box of sunmaid really made my day when I was little!

The Buskalo Kid said...

I love raisins and Sun-Maid is my favorite.

Ebie said...

Raisins is a staple for Arroz Valenciana. I missed this!