Apr 18, 2012

Summer 2012

The wind is blowing so hard and there's no squirrel hopping from tree to tree even the birds are no where in sight.The river in front of the house is overflowing with muddy water. Three weeks ago we were so hopeful and delighted that although it was still kinda chilly, it felt spring. We had barbecue and even harvested lots of wild garlic leaves. Finally!! we unanimously agreed the summer is just around the corner
But Mother Nature has other plans. They even announced snow. Thankfully,not here. Now, as I pause and look outside I imagine summer. One full of fun,laughter and excitement.

Some ice cream for the girls won't even hurt.

click the picture for a larger view

a dip in the water,

run wild in the green

But for now I'm keeping myself warm while dreaming of summer...


violy vallester said...

Wow, and I am here dreaming of a cold weather! How about daily temperature of 35 to 38 degree Celsius?? Hehe that's what we are experiencing here now in the Philippines, this is our summer... ;)

between 7 and 9 said...

That giant ice cream just made me laugh!!

kimmy said...

wow! that is one big ice cream!

Mona said...

Wow, huge naman ng ice creams tamang tama for summer dito =)

Julie said...

Hi Ayet, kami naman, grabe ang init dito sa Pinas, we just dream of the rain and cool weather. Bentang-benta ang halo halo at ice cream :D