May 2, 2012

How to meditate?

One of the reasons why I wake up early is to be able to meditate. I want to experience the calm within. To easily clear my head of things which invade my mind. To be more patient. Yes, it's been a week and I still haven't get it. I sit and a hundred things come rushing in--what flavor for the smoothies, should I boil water first, the rain, snoring husband what if the girls wake up and the time. It's kinda difficult to just sit and think about nothing but my breathing. 20 mins for meditation...that's all I need. but how do I do it?

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anney said...

It's really best to meditate early in the morning when it's still peaceful so you can be more focused with what you are doing. I make time to meditate once in a while and it's truly a stress reliever.

Rovie said...

Maybe you need to focus on one objective first and that's to meditate...

Visiting you back. Thanks!

Hazel said...

i wish i can wake up early to meditate! :D

joy said...

I must say that di rin ako magaling mag meditate, but I just used my quiet time reading God's words and asking him what he wants me to teach that day. And most of the tiem, I feel relaxed and strengthened:)

Michael said...

I have yet to learn how to meditate... Good morning!

ozjane said...

Beautiful blossoms. I love the Spring and Autumn seasons with the camera. You need to be a little more creative in winter if there is no snow and summer if not near the beach,
Thanks for your visit...nice to meet you. I often hop back on the bed with a book of bible verses called Daily Bread and that is a good focus for the day.
I can also access it on the computer so off to do that now.

kimmy said...

usually, before i go to sleep. i clear up my mind and concentrate on my breathing. it feels so good to think of nothing at all.. thanks for the visit! following you now!