May 26, 2012

Keeping toddlers' room tidy

...even for a day. This would be really amazing.

Books on the shelves. Toys in the boxes. Beds neatly done. Erin playing one toy at a time. Keeping the floor clutter-free.

It's not everyday that this happen. All the more reason to capture the moment. To immortalize the tidiness and the calm that the girls' room exudes.Yes...even for a day. ♥

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Livin' life to the fullest!


Balut said...

I haven't seen my kids room tidy for "a day". for some minutes yes. your photos looks like a cleaning angel is guarding:)

And I came by to share to you the good news that I found my cat (actually it came home) after missing for 5 days. It has semi-healed wounds all over the face, untidy and looks famish :( - really breaks our heart :(. But at least it's back alive.

Thank you for asking about it when you visit my site.

Pearl said...

oh, I'd love to see my son's playroom as tidy and organized as your daughter's room, Mayet. I wonder when...

Marco | The Soul Explorer said...

Neat and clean! Good job! :D

joy said...

Yes, my youngest daugther's room too can be neat and tidy once in a while. hi hi. Anyway, better to have clutters or mess on the floor than no children at all. You are a good mother mayet. That is tatak ng mga pinay:)

CutestPrincess said...

thanks for sharing this... this is very helpful!

It’s a GIRL Thing

Gemma|My Dailies said...

makes one sane! -seeing things clean, tidy and in proper place!

love your daughter's room!

lalalaPatricia said...

I just have to agree with you! Keeping toddlers' room tidy but sometimes we can't deny if we get tired of fixing then they will messy it after. haha