Jun 25, 2012


Guess we're eating lots of these stuff. I know...It's not good and I shouldn't be doing that to my waist line, but I need tag for my plants and I'm into recycling so there you go! ;)

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joy said...

saarp kasi kumain ng malamig ( 8Popsicle) lalo summer and buti naisip mo yan an pang tag. Di ko naisip yon. Thanks for the tips. From now on, ipunin ko na rin. Magamit din ang mga sticks na yan for making different kinds of activities:)

Mhie@travelentz said...

Magnum ice cream is been popular in Philippines as of this day...I don't blame them its yum...

Marco | The Soul Explorer said...

I love magnum! :D

anney said...

I love magnum pero nasawa nako ko kakakain. hihi!

Balut said...

ha ha at ginawa mo pang reason ang plants sis! if i know gusto nyo lang talagang kumain nyan! lol joke.

it's a great idea though :) keep us updated... let's see which will grow first, the plants or your waistline ha ha ;)

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

Haha at least di nasayang ang Php50 :P