Jun 15, 2012

Not only in the Philippines

14th June 2012

The silhouette seemed to be doing something while holding a penlight. I stared at it for a brief second and check if Carlo was beside me. Right then and there, I've realized that someone broke into our house. While I screamed at that person, my husband woke up and the guy hurried out. As our room was filled with lights, I quickly made my way to the girls' room. A sigh of relief came out of me, they were sleeping soundly.

Quickly scanning our home, we've noted out loud what was taken. My husband went out to run after the guy while I wait for the computer to start, we needed to find the phone numbers to block all his cards. I then dialed the police number. Soon after my husband arrived holding his belongings,found by the gate. Still shaken by what had just transpired, I gave him the phone and he continued talking to the police. Another one arrived to take finger prints

It felt weird...I felt weird. Sitting on the sofa,I wrapped a blanket around me...it was almost 3:30 a.m. and the crispy air made its way inside our home. My husband told me to get some sleep but I couldn't, so I just sat there, then I started dialing my siblings' number.

...to be continued.

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Joanne ;p said...

Katakot naman.. Good thing no one was hurt..

joy said...

What an experience. Hope you are all fine. Di rin pala safe sa lugar nyo no?take care.

anney said...

Scary! Thank God at walang ngayaring masama sa inyo at buti naman at iniwan nung thief sa gate yung mga kinuha nya.