Jul 12, 2012

Of time and children

Boxes filled our cellar and most of the time ignoring them is the only solution. It's like trying to get away from the reality and holding on to something,not wanting to let go.

Maybe I'm getting dramatic here, but yes, the girls are growing so fast and their stuff need to be put away.

Thinking of having a third baby occupies my mind from time to time--giving me a good reason to hold on to my girls' stuff-- but my age and the need to find a job now that my children are going to school/garderie outweigh it.

Still I have managed to put some stuff into the recycle bin, others are ready to be sent home nevertheless there are still boxes to be sorted out. In time I'll organize them...in time.

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joy said...

I understand you coz those clothes are memories. Anyway. Keep something. They will love to see their baby dresses when they are grown ups. :)

Marco | The Soul Explorer said...

Just keep that clothes! :)

Balut said...

don't worry sis you're not alone. I always have the same dilemma :)

Ria Cervantes said...

Hello Mayet!

It's been a while. How's summer there? Hope all is well.

Have a great day!

Ria C

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