Feb 20, 2013

Good morning

My morning varies from day to day, it can be light, overwhelming or even challenging. This will all depend on how my girls behave from the moment they wake up till the time they are both attach to the chariot.

I recently started to change my mood and applied my little sister's approach. As I wake them up, my litany of how lovely the morning is echoed around the house,adding a bit of exaggeration which makes me cringe sometimes. Is this me? 

But it helps, there's less whining and less stress for me. The girls seemed to be in doubt about their Nanay but we're all getting there--a hassle-free morning.


joy said...

That is a good attitude. It is like: smile and the whole world smile with you:)

zem Rohner said...

You're back!
Nice to read you again ;-)