Apr 7, 2013

A not-so-ordinary day

It was still chilly but the sun was awfully inviting so we trooped outside, joining my other half who has been cutting wood.
The girls were squeaking with delight, throwing stones into the river, running here and there, stopping only to take some biscuits. It was a wonderful sunny day.

So, I await for you, summer!


joy said...

What a nice day for the family:)

Marco said...

Summer is here! :D So hot in here!

zem Rohner said...

On a l'impression d'y être!
J'aime particulièrement le petit détail à côté de Erin:
Un plateau, une tasse, et quelque chose qui ressemble à un biscuit.
On dirait que la reine des Nanays est passée par là ;-)

Jonalyn Quita said...

summer here in the philippines. do you wonder how hot is it? so hot you sweat right after getting off the shower. but its a good time to wash and dry the pillows.
you have a cute dawty :D