Apr 1, 2014

My love for knitting

30 Day snapshots # 18

It's like meditating...you tend to forget the time. The
only focus is the stitch you are doing.

Knitting came to me few years ago when I thought how cute knitted baby boots were. Then quickly  realized that it was not for a beginner and so I stopped on those or any knitting project for that matter. Then last year I have started again, this time with scarf for my hubby. It was a bit short but then he didn't have any choice but to use it. ;) besides it was my Christmas gift.
Having learned how to knit and the different stitches made me somewhat addicted to this new hobby. I would go to thrift stores to buy different sizes of needles, scour knitting stores and  stare at an array of colorful yarns. 
I dream of going into a knitting fair and lose myself into the labyrinth of yarn booths and knitting display. 
Well, for now,  there are more scarves to finish and fingerless gloves to knit.

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