Apr 4, 2014

Bike Love : a confession of a newbie Mommy Biker

30 Day Snapshots # 20 
It is something I thought a woman of  my age couldn't do. You see, I didn't have a bike when I was young, didn't learn how ride one. I have walked a lot, climbed trees and played with my cousin's mini car but never experience  riding a bike. It wasn't part of my childhood.

Nonetheless, having two daughters who go to two different establishments, I need to make my life easier.  Well, of course the fact that we don't own a car made it obvious that the bike is the cheapest answer.
But that solution was scary. I was worried about the cars, traffic, pedestrians, the girls' safety and the list goes on and on.

However, necessity impelled me to try and with enough courage and wobbly knees, I was able to fetch the girls from school.

It has been hundred times of cycling to and fro since that very first day,shaky knees and all, but it's worth it.  Plus when the girls(seated in the trailer)-- with their helmet on-- sing together despite the chilly weather, there's a sense of fulfillment. I feel like the coolest  Mommy Biker ever. :)

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Anonymous said...

Your the coolest mom.....next stage the coolest mom behind the wheels.