Aug 19, 2014

The storyteller

Lying comfortably on the sofa as I contemplate my next move on saving the jiggling pets, this little creature slowly made her way in the half lighted room. It was then that the bomb exploded and the key came crashing down on the block. Whew!!

Little creature: Nanay (Mother), do you want me to tell you a story?

Looking at her excited face then quickly returning my attention to the exploding blocks I half-heartedly said yes and so she begun.

Little creature: "There was once a princess locked in a tower.....blahhh...blahh.
                       She has a mommy that wasn't really her mommy with a pointy hat 
                       but she was not a  real witch. Blahhh...blahh."

                      "She also has a horse who spits fire blahh..blahhh.."

 Nanay:           "Goodness, a horse who spits fire.."

I could see how enthusiastic she was, seriously weaving her story.

Little creature: "Yesssss..." she said. Her spits making its way on my face
                      "Then a prince came.." she stopped and giddily bursted out ---

           "Oh, Nanay (Mother) he is so lovely. I think I want to marry him  but I'm not in the story."

This was when I laughed out so loud forgetting my pets. All lost now, by the way, because of my inattention.

Little creature: "So she married the prince, blahh...blahh..
                      The end."

Then she ran off living me and my pets in misery.

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