Mar 6, 2016

Of love and letting go

daffodil in the garden, Lancy2016

Love has given me the courage to do things I thought I was not capable of. To dare, get lost and eventually learn. 
Yet, love for me  is also sacrifice and patience. Family and friends. Letting go and rebirth. 
Forgiveness and understanding... That love is not  only an effort given to someone or the length of time spent together but rather knowing you have given a part of yourself to that special person and at that moment in time experienced a marvelous feeling of completeness. And when that feeling has already dissipated, it's either you turn love into a verb, making an effort to do it all over again or let go. Say goodbye. Cry. Feel the pain and disappointment.
But remember letting go would not mean ceasing to experience love but rather giving someone else the chance to love you. Just don't let that moment passes you by.


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