Mar 13, 2016

Of paper dolls and drawing faces

Growing up, my free time was spent  making paper dolls and I was in awe of my Itay(father) who would draw women's faces with hair in a bun. I would copy him, tried to draw that pointed nose and well proportioned face. In vain. So my paper dolls wouldn't be as beautifully drawn like my father's. Nevertheless, my paper dolls and I have gone places, shared secrets and were inseparable.
Then, I eventually forgot about making paper dolls. Blame it to growing up but the love for crafting remains.
Lately that childish afternoon happiness, though deeply embedded in my being, was slowly trying to emerge. It seems that we have unfinished business or something. So I letting it resurface. Slowly but surely strengthening it. No more self-consciousness. Feeding it now with more love and attention.
I bet we'll go places again and meet lots of wonderful being. Can't wait to spread love and good vibes.

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