Mar 14, 2016

The joy of having fashionista friends

Shopping is an activity I have long- forgotten. Zara or H & M no longer exist in my vocabulary. This is why having friends come in so handy. They are genuinely eager to help. Only a Messenger away, they virtually accompanied me in my expedition to this long ignored adventure. Don't I trust my own judgement? Perhaps. Being conservative in some aspects, I always choose practicality and comfort. However my friends add an exciting ingredients to this exploit. They are the Desigual to my Benetton kind of thinking and the Vivienne  Westwood to my DKNY. And yes folks, I need their opinion on a Monday afternoon.
So after, several photos and a group conversation, I finally headed out of the shop. Thankful of the wintry air on my face.Glad that we can all go back to our normal lives.

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