Mar 2, 2016

Writing again

There are times that words are hard to come by. Stubbornly locking themselves up in my brain. Coaxing them to come out is really a struggle. So, I stop. Try again. Sometimes give up and let them come out by their own free will. They may,eventually but most of the time, they stay where they are. Oblivious to my inner battle. Resisting the plea of their empress.This sounds so dramatic, one might say...
For someone who prefers to express herself in writing,to that person who feels lost in the sea of unfamiliar faces, to the introvert one who wants to express herself and  come out of her shell.  FOR ME, it is. 
This is why I am here again.  Lovingly recreating my field so that those words which I can still seize will eventually pull their "cousins" like a magnet. Indeed, I am patiently waiting.

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