Nov 21, 2016

Volley love

the game,Saturday morning
Volleyball fever has rubbed off onto my friends and relatives. Most of them were religiously practicing twice a week,seemed to be enjoying and made this sport a part of their lives for a year now.
Hence for their 2nd season which the FSA has organized, they are vying for the 
Ambassador’s Cup. This is one special occasion where in Pinoys of Geneva come together and watch their favorite team for two days.
Something that is definitely not to miss. I have promised my girls that we'd watched their Titas (my friends and relatives) play the game. These Titas got me all excited to watch them play against each other, all for the love of volleyball.
The Game
So while my girls found their little friends, I sat in the middle  to have a better view of the court which was divided into three. The surrounding was vibrating with excitement and just being there somehow transported me back to my home country. There were food stands,offering Pinoy foods, of course, and a court full of my fellow Filipinos.
Everyone was in a high spirit. Cheers and applause echoed  the area. I wasn't cheering for a particular team but was overjoyed when each one of them scored and got disappointed when the ball was blocked.

Now back to my friends, some of them have played during their high school years.Others have no experience in playing volleyball at all. But there they were on the court looking confident and excited.  Once  the ball was hit  and the game started, they became engrossed with something more serious amidst the dynamic crowd.

A friend  stated that she would become aggressive and genuinely concentrated on the ball. One said that she was tense,but as Gani, a friend from Vivens men's team put it, there was a bit of pressure as well as eagerness to win but the most important thing is to have fun.
And I agreed to that. It was what this tournament was all about. 
Till next season,my friends.

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