Nov 2, 2016

When a cat in the Big Apple made me cry

Though not a theatreholic, play and comedy musical fascinate me. It’s not only the décor or the ambiance but just being there, sitting and listening to the orchestra. Watching the artists make everything come alive.

Then one magical afternoon I found myself once again in a theatre. 
This was when  Grizabella made me cry. There's no denying the fact that this  CAT is my favorite next to Rum Tum Tugger,of course.
As she started singing Memory I was transfixed by her pain. Her voice pierced into my being, as if I was part of her world and that the inner torment she was undergoing was also mine. Grizabella was eventually lifted up into another realm, I felt pain and relief. 
Then it was the finale, applause, people slowly moving and heading out into a crispy late afternoon. There was no photo-op with my favorite cat but her voice was in my head, accompanying me from 50 street to 168th and that's a lot of "memories".


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