Mar 13, 2017

Peppa and Monday - A start of a new day

 The girls and I walked to school this morning. We kissed good bye several times at a certain spot, a way of practicing to let them go on their own. My youngest was okay with it, the Ate, not yet.
So there we were stopping after the mini fountain, after my favorite cherry tree which was vandalized by someone and was brought to life by efficient gardeners, after the bench, where senior citizens, mothers with strollers and even myself,  sat on when  tired of walking or just merely  quietly contemplate the trees and the life that surrounds us.
We waved goodbye and I watched them walked together to school. The birds were chirping joyously, seemed glad that the trees are coming back to life and that the crocuses of yellow and lavender shades are all over the place.
I headed home ready for my sugarfix but Peppa was there,smirking and so I opted to do the laundry instead. Happy Monday!

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