Nov 23, 2017

Claire's and my girls

There should be a lounge,some magazines and while we're at it how about some coffee with macaroons or cupcakes. Ah! The dream of someone like me who accompanied her daughter at Claire's one Wednesday morning.  How I wish to say that it was a great experience not to miss but it was just the opposite for me.
The shop has so many interesting products and my two girls go ga-ga over them especially with promos like buy 3 and get 3 more for free or get 10 for chf 10.-
They go round and round, undecided, ooh and ahhs as they hop from one display to another.
 At this particular Wednesday morning ,however, there was only one daughter with me. I swear, she is  in the shop while I took this picture, buried among the merchandise. I didn't time her but it felt like eternity waiting for her.
I should have chosen not to be mad, not think of the lunch that I needed to prepare and just wait and let my feet stay rooted in front of the shop. I should have sat and ordered some coffee at the café nearby but instead I waited impatiently and it made our time together worst and I was SORRY about that BUT...I am only human. A mother who does not do any window shopping. Who knows what she needs to buy before going to the shop. AND one who does not want to stay long in it. This is me. Someone who does not learn her lesson when shopping at Claire's with her daughters.
I hope to handle my emotions better with my eldest, yep, she has this gift card and would like  to  shop next week.
This is an ongoing cycle where I fervently wish to pass with flying colors to become the best Claire's shopping buddy if not of our household.
I love my daughters, two different characters, but ONE BIG LOVE for CLAIRE'S and I am in big, big trouble.

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