Nov 21, 2017

To blog or not to blog...AGAIN!!

The girls have been clamoring for more baby pictures and videos. I want them to  brush their teeth  because the school dentist's note has a lot of x's on it.  Anyway, this is not about their teeth, I just wanted to write something tonight. My note in my planner says: write/journal/blog. I have to do something about this. To be able to accomplish something by mid-week aside from laundry or my forever note of clearing up the garden. It is cold now, a valid reason for not accomplishing the latter and/or perhaps the wind might blew the  dried leaves and browning vines away--I just don't know where and don't want to know. But  it's not happening anytime soon. So I wait for the sun or a sunny afternoon --some reason to inspire me. 
Maybe tomorrow or this week-end. Heaven give me the courage. But for now at least I can cross out write/journal/blog in my planner and have that light feeling before hitting the sack.

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