Jan 2, 2018

2018 Journal

Second day of 2018 and I am struggling to come up with something interesting to write. This is merely to keep my mind busy and working. I have recently concluded that it needed more stimulation. It's not being productive and words are slowly slipping by. I am getting old and it's scary how time passes by quickly. My brain has to work more. I read. Knit. But there are times that words do not come fluidly as before. Maybe writing will help. Keeping a journal.Typing every words that come out  of my mind. My precious mind. Besides, I like typing. I remember when I have started learning that skill in Sight and Sound. How sleepy I was during the first few week-end mornings. Thinking I should be sleeping late instead of looking at that big screen and learning to type. Looking back, that is one of the best gifts I was offered. Thanks to my Tita Elsa.
I guess this will do for now.  Spanish Assimil is next and the night is short.

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