Jun 9, 2008

Wise and frugal # 1

Genève is considered to be the 7th costly European city and finding ways to penny pinch needs more than just buying on sale. I consider myself a neophyte on frugal living and am looking forward to be in the ranking of the Frugal Zealot. ; ) So, how do I spend less? magazines--where to get them for free or under 5sf?
  • family/friends-I let them know my interest on these.
  • local library- they have loads of reading materials which can be taken home.
  • American library -they sell magazines really cheap and recently I found the latest issue of The Garden for only 2sf.
books--I still can't be 100% thrifty on these. Though I indulge myself from time to time to get a new one, mostly, I buy second hand-where?
  • book sale
  • Renfile
  • Caritas
  • kermesse (church/school)
Karen's clothes--gifts from family and friends, otherwise I go to "Bourse aux Vêtements", they sell inexpensive children clothes in very good condition. The places I have mentioned are just few examples where to get things at a low price because in my quest to live frugally, I have discovered that Genève has a lot to offer, maybe not in the sense that I want it to be, but all the same, the city is full of possibilities.


Anonymous said...

Hello missus Frugal now? I too by second hand clothes for Alice and Myself. You just have to make some time to look. For Alice, I do most of it at the Vet shops run by Croix Rouge. I find the prices very reasonable and the state of the clothing in good condition. I will list the addresses of the locations below in case u are interested. give Karen a kiss for me. Jenna

Vêt'Shop Vintage
Vêtements sélectionnés dans le but de séduire la clientèle et de soutenir les activités de la Croix-Rouge genevoise.
Rue des Étuves 16
1201 Genève
tél.: +41 22 738 74 40

Du mardi au vendredi: 10h15 - 18h45
Le samedi: 13h30 - 17h00

Vêt'Shop Friperie des Eaux-Vives
Magasin de vêtements choisis pour femmes.

Rue des Eaux-Vives 84
1207 Genève
tél.: +41 22 736 34 45

Du mardi au vendredi: 10h15 - 18h45
Le samedi: 13h30 - 17h00

Vêt'Shop Baby Grottes
Magasin de vêtements et jouets à prix doux pour enfants de 0 à 9 ans.
Rue des Grottes 20
1201 Genève
tél.: +41 22 734 88 53

Du mardi au vendredi: 10h15 - 18h45
Samedi: fermé

Irene said...

Indeed Europe is expensive. So mostly of my furniture are second hand..its not that old but also nice and of course, we save more money! clothes-- I wait, if there is sale, mostly at the end of the season ( I buy only if I need it ;-)
Thanx 4 dropping by the way to my blog..Have a nice day.