Mar 2, 2009

Parenting 101

The best way to gauge your child's progress is to take her/him to a wedding reception. You will definitely see her/his social skill and endurance among others.In the same way you can also check if your "patience barometer" functions well and of course how physically fit you are. This is how my husband and I found out that our 15-month-old Karen is really progressing. Oh,how she loves to be with other children, run around with them and how she hates to stay in her pushchair.Gone are the days when she would just sit and cuddle with Nanay. Now she wants to acquire her autonomy, that it's more exciting to walk around these big people who are kind enough to let her pass. She is getting better now in ignoring our plea to please stop, or don't go there,etc...The menacing look would be met by mischievous smile and all I could do was turn to my husband with desperation. So, just before the dessert, I made the biggest decision of that night. Yes, I left the party with Karen who fell asleep on our way home. She didn't budge while I change her for the night and it took me a while to leave her room. Time flies fast, she is growing so quickly and there's no doubt that we,as parents, will still have a lot to learn. But for the time being, I need to sleep and as I turned off the lights, with an awful headache I silently pray that my early bird-Karen wakes up at 8a.m.


Xazmin said...

Ahhh...they do grow so fast! And wedding receptions can definitely be an adventure!!

Anne said...

It sounds like it was a lovely wedding, especially for the littlest guests. That is a tough age to socialize since you don't actually get a chance to talk to anyone. You are too busy chasing.

maggie said...

what a way to test the waters, pero sure ako na habang lumalaki si karen, mas magiging active sya kaya be prepare, hahaha.