May 11, 2010

Just one of those days!!

On my way home there was this tremendous road work going on and as I passed by, the girl in front of me was given the second look by the workers. I could not help but smile with the silent admiration they had for the girl. She has been given this enormous gift of derrière. Mine is like a twig compare to hers. I was really jealous and asked: "Where was I when He showered this world with that."(admiring His other creations,perhaps!)

Many times I had problems of buying the right jeans because it didn't fit well or there wasn't anything behind. Surgery is out of the question. For so many obvious reasons. A friend suggested somekind of enhancer, but it felt like the stockings would burst anytime. There was a time when I've discovered a frugal solution--putting tissues or purse in my rear pocket, but then I worried about pickpockets so that was shortlived.;-)

This is why I miss being pregnant--my round belly compensated for the absence of my "behind" ;-), but I can't be pregnant all the time just to feed my vanity, right? So, I give up or rather I let my behind be. No more tissues...No more dreaming of being the next "Shape" cover. Besides with my girls in tow I think I'm beginning to get some good exercise and in no time, I might---yes, I just might have that Gabrielle Reece look. Someone wake me up,please!!


Anonymous said...

it is very nice! it makes my day!!!I have the same problem but now that i am walking a lot i guess it enhance a little bit. Just keep on picking up toys around the house and for your sure it will work too.

Dhemz said...

hahhaha...wake up!

dalaw din me dito..salamat sa comment...ehehehe!

BlogusVox said...

I've seen on tv a certain exercise specifically to "prop-up" behinds. I can't remember who was doing the exercise but it won't hurt to ask Jay-lo. : )

Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog.

mamalira said...

We all have flaws and like you, I wasn't around when God showered perfect graces. I wear a size 4 shoes, too tiny and sometimes have trouble finding shoes in malls.

There is these but lifts, like underwear with foam within. Surgery is just too expensive and scary.

Thank you for the comment.