Jun 21, 2010

Summer!!!!where art thou?

As I began to type this, the sun suddenly appeared but my question remain the same. Is it summer yet? Sun, flowers,bees and tomatoes. I only try to imagine my garden but it feels like June in the Philippines.
For some time now I long to have a garden full of blossoming flowers, herb and tomatoes. All I get is slugs's visit. They are having fun in our garden. I am not!!! Holed cabbages...Cosmos sans leaves...and I don't even want to mention my coriandre.
Back in March we were able to harvest some red raddish.

They didn't even make it with the salad.

Anyway, the 10-Day Weather Forecast for Geneva looks promising. I wish I could say the same for my garden.

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Dhemz said...

oh my...today is the official day of summer in the US...I would ask exactly the same....summer, where art thou...lol!