Dec 28, 2010

Meet Erin

She's so feisty. Smiles a lot and very sweet. Loves to climb up just about anything. Her favorite is a Dalmatian stuff toy we named---Pongo, who else? She goes around the house biting it's tail and cannot sleep without it. Prefers to eat by herself and loves to take books off the shelf.
I've already put away a lot of things to make our home safe for her and less stressful for me.
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Here I am again!!

Family funday!


dianne said...

aw. he's so CUTE!

annalyn said...

How cute! :)

dea said...

oh no... I kind a lost here..
I wanted to guesss but... I scared it will offence you... :)
so, can help my curiousity..pls tell me
who's Erin or What's Erin?
I m sorry bfore..
hv a nice day... Mayet

anney said...

awww she is so adorable!!

Mayet said...

She's my youngest daughter ;)

lina@happy family said...

She's so cute...

Kim, USA said...

Hi Mayet she is very pretty and cute. I can see a little feature from you pero talagang foreigner na foreigner ang look. I think she love books that's why she keep on taking it. Thanks for the visit.
Ruby Red Tuesday

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

So adorable!!! Baby proofing the house to keep them safe is a constant struggle.

Happy New Year, Love!

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

eden said...

So cute and smart little girl..

Tsina said...

Ang cuteeeee naman!!

imriz said...

loved her rosy cheeks:)))

Dhemz said...

such a cutie!

Jona said...

oh so lovely little girl. we made our house kid-friendly too without vases or any decors that will break.

Jing said...

she is so adorable.:)